February 23, 2017

Yanqing Duan

University of Bedfordshire

 Yanqing Duan is a professor of Information Systems. She received her BSc (Mechanical Engineering) and MSc (Systems Engineering) from China Agricultural University and her PhD from Aston University, UK.

Yanqing’s research includes the development, use and impact of emerging ICTs, the design and applications of online decision support and e-learning tools. She has been the principal applicant for a number of EU funded projects on training needs identification and development of web-based training tools to enhance knowledge and improve skills for managers and students. In particular, the relevant EU funded projects include: VEGNET (Enhancing agribusiness supply chain management with Internet Technologies), Talented Europe (an Erasmus+ project for facilitating the mobility and employability of young people across Europe using App), Comp4You (Development and test of a system for the recognition of professional competencies in the field of commerce), M-ECVET-S (Development and test of modular ECVET system  in further education), TRIMAR (The design and development of a case–based on–line intelligent training system for the Internet marketing in SMEs), TRICTSME (Development of an intelligent web–based ICTs training and advisory system for SMEs managers, LFEC ( e-learning course for e–commerce in SMEs), T–ICT (Training ICTs through e–Learning).

Through her involvement in EU funded projects, she has gained valuable insights into the design, development and applications of various e-learning methods and tools for training and education purposes. Prof Duan also has extensive EU project management experience. Yanqing has over 180 referred publications in journals, books and international conference proceedings.

Role in relation to CEF project

Yanqing is the leader of the UoB project team. She will be responsible for coordinating and managing the project tasks allocated to UoB, which include the web portal design, development, evaluation and implementation. She will also contribute to CEF curriculum development, evaluation and feedback. With her considerable experience and expertise in utilising emerging ICTs for knowledge transfer and interactive learning, she will make important contributions to accelerate and support the creation of food entrepreneurs with the online facilitating platform.

Contact details

Tel: 00-44-(01) 1582 743134
Email: yanqing,duan@beds.ac.uk
Profile: https://www.beds.ac.uk/research-ref/bmri/staff/yanqing-duan