February 23, 2017

Simon Gill

The Polish Beef Association

Simon Gill has a B.Sc.  in Agricultural Business Management and a Master Degree in Agricultural Economics from Wye College, University of London. For the last 25 years he has worked as an advisor and consultant specialised in Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Business Diversification and SME Development in Rural Areas.  Simon has worked extensively in a number of EU Old and New Member States, Countries of Eastern Europe, The Caucasus Regions, and the Western Balkans.  

Most of his work is normally related to the design and implementation of measures for improving the competitiveness of the Agricultural and SME sectors, and working developing SME Business Support Services in all sectors particularly in the food processing and manufacturing sectors as well as primary agriculture. The projects also aimed at improving life in rural areas (including social actions), promoting diversification of the rural and urban economies and strengthening human resources and local development capacity.

He has a long working relationship with the PBA.  Apart from being a Galloway Cattle breeder he is the Co-Author of the Polish Quality Assurance Scheme (Quality Meat Programme – QMP), a Technical Advisor on beef cattle husbandry and EU and International Economics Policy Advisor to the Association.

Role in relation to CEF project

Simon is lead expert in the team of experts from the Polish Beef Association involved in this project.  As an International Consultant specialised in working in the New Member States and also in candidate countries in the Western Balkans he is expected to bring to the project his experience of working with farmers across the EU, especially those from smaller family farms or semi-subsistence farming communities for which this project is especially relevant.

Contact details

Tel: 0048 515 945 755 (Mobile)  0048 22 6220987 ( PBA Office)
Email: simongill@o2.pl