February 24, 2017

Mrs. Natalia Truszkowska

European Council of Young Farmers

Mrs. Natalia Truszkowska is the Project Officer at CEJA, an umbrella organisation of 35 national member organisations from 24 EU Member States.

Representing 2 million young farmers in Europe, CEJA acts as a forum for communication and dialogue between young farmers and European decision makers. Natalia, has managed and worked on many EU funded projects for almost seven years, gaining experience in project development and implementation, vocational education and training, as well as management and coordination of EU projects spanning across a variety of issues and challenges in the European agriculture sector. She has managed and worked on many projects to which CEJA is a partner, including MWE, Multifarm_EU, FeedCode, Farmland and Farm-Success.

Natalia’s main responsibilities were:  drafting and implementation of project actions, preparing financial and technical reports, and dissemination of project results to relevant stakeholders. This included organizing meetings with target groups and EU stakeholders, preparing end-user questionnaires, gathering and summarizing end-user feedback, preparing training courses, and organizing networking events and project conferences at a European level. Natalia is an active practitioner of PRINCE 2 Project Management Qualification and holds a Master Degree in International Business Management with a specialisation in small and medium sized enterprises and female entrepreneurship.

Role in relation to CEF project:

Natalia will manage and implement CEJA’s CEF project responsibilities. CEJA will support in the development of Output 1. This will include reviewing existing curricula, contributing to identifying training needs for the target groups and undertaking the survey. In terms of Output 2, CEJA will contribute to the development of the web portal and the interactive forum. CEJA will be also engaged in assisting in the preparation of the TTL2 hosted by GMIT in February 2018. Furthermore, CEJA will attend all project meetings and multiplier events, contributing to the development of the relevant outputs and be constantly involved in the administration and reporting of the project activities.

Contact details:

Tel: 0032 2230 4210
Email: n.skupska@ceja.eu
Website: http://www.ceja.eu/