June 28, 2018

Case Studies

One of the best ways of gaining more expertise is to learn from other organisations’ experiences – good or bad. This section contains a range of case studies on the food supply chain and on things related to entrepreneurship in the food industry.

Business Case Studies of Innovation and the Use of Technology in the Food and Drink Industry

This is an excellent repository of a wide range of case studies in the food and drink industry, but the focus is on larger organisations. Still helpful.


Book Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics – From Farm to Fork

This book [Dani, S. (2015) Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics – From Farm to Fork. Kogan Page.covers a good range of issues related to food supply chains, e.g. food production, food manufacturing, food retailing, food logistics, challenges in international food supply chains, risk management, technology trends, food regulation and innovation, sustainablity, and more. It also contains a range of mini case studies. The table of contents can be freely accessed.


Dala Foods Nigeria Limited: Effective Product Development and Management in Nigeria

This explains how proactive product development and niche marketing strategies have led to the successful launch of five instant food drinks in Nigeria.


What These 4 Startup Case Studies Can Teach you About Failure

One of these case studies is from the food industry (Webvan). It is an old case but still used by business schools to warn against excess and ambition in startups.


Specialty Food Resource

This website has some mini case studies on specialty food and also offers the opportunity to access the Food Entrepreneur magazine.


Three Tarts Increased Facebook Followers Using Visual Content and Good Greens Bars Local Blogger Relationship Development

Two mini case studies are available here:

Three Tarts using QR codes, Facebook in conjunction with sneakpeeg, Twitter, FourSquare and Yelp for increasing awareness of their marshmallows.

Good Greens Bars successfully approached bloggers in the Cleveland area and got them to blog abour their protein bars – with the success of a raise in sales of over 50%.


Business Case Studies – excellent repository

This provides case studies on how large food and drinks companies push innovation and embrace new technologies.


Using sensor technology reduces unnecessary food waste

A case study highlighting how sensor technology reduces food waste and thus can create cost efficiencies for companies.